AFL Tipping

The latest results in the AFL Football Tipping contest are shown below.  Both the overall leader and the quarter results.

Our footy tipping is FREE to enter and there is a $1000 in cash plus other prizes to be won.  The year is broken up into 4 quarters.  Rounds 1-6, 7-12, 13-18 & 19-23.  Each quarter winner wins $200 cash with the overall winner collecting $200.  So even if your running last overall, if you tip the most winners in a particular quarter you win $200.

The 3rd quarter summary:  Poor old Lou was leading by 3, but only found 4 winners and with 'The Colonel' picking 8 winners, the lead wasn't enough to collect the cash.

The 4th quarter is almost finished. Lou has tipped strongly again and leads by 1, but has 5 people only a point behind him.  He also leads by 3 in the overall competition.

UPDATE: 28TH AUGUST: Lou has held on to win the overall by 1 point, collecting $200 for his efforts.  He only tipped 4 but got the job done.  He did throw away his slender lead in the 4th quarter competition.  Andy came from 1 behind and tipped 8 winners to snatch the $200 for himself.  Well done boys.

The latest results are shown below and will be frequently updated on this page: