Members Draw

Friday night Members Draws:

Every Friday at 7:30pm there is a Members Jack Pot Draw in the main bar.  The minimum value is $500 and the jackpot can grow to $2000 and more.

$50 is added every week until the jackpot goes off.  To see the current jackpot amount, check out our Latest News page.

It's free to enter, so come along and enjoy your chance to take home some cash or prizes.

There is also a raffle which is drawn after the jackpot draw, and consists of the following minimum prizes:

  • $50 large meat tray,
  • $30 small meat tray,
  • 2 x $20 bistro vouchers,
  • 2 x bottles of wine.

Members must be in attendance to win the cash jackpot draw. There is a supplementary draw if the main jackpot doesn't go off. Currently set at $200, the supplementary draw is continually redrawn until it's won. Members have 90 Seconds to claim to the jackpot draw or supplementary draws!

Raffle tickets are $2 each of 3 for $5. Raffle winners do not have to be in attendance to win. And winners not in attendance will be contacted by the hotel.

Raffle winners from the previous week can be found on the Latest News page.

Patrons of the hotel are invited to join the social club. Details can be found on the social club page of the website.